Eyes are one of the most beautiful gifts of God by which we can see the magnificent beauties and lights of the world .But we have the option to keep our eyes closed as we have eyelids.It’s on us if we want to open our eyes or not.But will anyone want to keep his eyes closed when he has the opportunity to  see the beauty of the world,the beauty of the light?Though if he keep his eyes closed he will begin to lose his strength as darkness lowers our confident level.Lights can only be seen if the eyes are open.Like this we also have eyes of our mind.We are so conscious of the beautiful eyes we have outside which is made this beautiful by God.But The eyes which we can be made beautiful by ourselves, we are not concerned about it.We don’t try to open it and become weak deep inside as a human being.These eyes are the eyes of our soul.And when we don’t think about it our soul slowly dies.We become educated,take degrees but our soul lies in darkness.This blindfold that we tie ourselves is  the blindfold of a nation,of the world.I wish that all of us will untie this blindfold and try to see this world not only with the eyes we have outside but also the eyes we have inside.


Happy SAD Faces

“How are you?”

“I’m well.”

This is the common answer of this question.Yes,it’s good to live happily in every situation,find sweetness from every bitterness.Some people don’t express their emotions in front of nobody,in no situation.We can’t express our sorrows in front of every people,we should not try to get sympathy all the time,it’s true.But at the same time it’s also true that we are human beings,we have hearts and it is hurt sometimes and there’s nothing bad in that.So why hiding it every single time?It’s good to be strong but expressing our sorrows in front of not a single person make us weak deep inside.Which one is good?Being strong in front of people and being weak inside ourselves or being a strong person inside and outside?Strong doesn’t mean to hide our sad faces behind our happy faces for every incident.If people can hurt us then we can also show that we are hurt.Why pretending all the time?If we don’t express how we are hurt then how will people understand it?How will they stop hurting us?How will they treat us as a normal human being with emotions?Sometimes we are hurt and we forgive again and again and they forget that she has a limit to take.There are so many sad faces behind happy faces around us,that sadness can be created by us,we fail to recognize that.Let us feel,let us know,we should feel,we should know.That will make not one but us strong.We can be bold with our emotions,by showing it to not everyone but the right person and gaining the right importance that we deserve.We can be strong not with our happy sad faces but our happy and sad faces.


Dreams and Reality

Every people has dreams.Actually people like to have dreams.But it’s something that doesn’t exist in real.Sometimes reality is fully opposite of our dreams.But I think dream is the thing that has created the reality.Our modern world was once people’s dream.But now it’s the reality.If there wasn’t any dream,there wouldn’t be any reality.People have different kinds of dreams in their sleep and when they wake up they think it’s over.But I think waking up from sleep is not the end of our dreams rather it’s the start of our dreams.Some people tell me that stop dreaming,work on your reality.But if I don’t dream how will I portray my reality?I really believe what Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.You can apply your knowledge best if your imagination or dream is  unique.So I think reality is not the only fact of life,dreams are also a huge fact without what we won’t be able to understand our motives properly.

Light as a CLOUD

I think clouds are one of the most amazing creations and gifts of Allah.So beautiful!Sometimes when I look at the sky full of clouds I don’t know where I lose myself.Clouds are free to go anywhere anytime,they are so light.They don’t have any anxiety or anything.But I think lightness as a cloud in one’s life is not that much good.This is also true for clouds.A cloud doesn’t remain for a long time.Because of it’s lightness it soon disappear or falls as rain.People who don’t want to take any pressure or do any hard work will soon disappear like a cloud.If I want people to remind me than I have to put efforts.A person who doesn’t have expectations on him,his life can become as light as a cloud but the outcome will also be like a cloud.

Third Gender

When I was little,I was afraid of some kind of people who look like men,but from dress up to activities,they are like women.My fear was not because they were not like people I’m surrounded with but what people say about them.I thought all that I’m hearing about them is true but I was a little fellow then who was not able to understand anything herself.Now I’m ashamed of those talks that I heard,those pictures that I saw.

Third gender or third sex is a concept in which individuals are categorized, either by themselves or by society, as neither man nor woman. It also describes a social category present in those societies that recognize three or more genders.

They are born like that.It’s not like they do it willingly.They are also human beings.They do not harm us,it’s the society that harms them,which doesn’t let them to live a normal life like a normal person lives.Even their parents neglect them as their children so that they don’t lose their so called reputation in the society.They don’t get any friend or any help,they are themselves their friend.What they get are only hatred and laugh and narrow eyes from people.

Their biological concept is not like other people. I’ve seen people laughing at them.Even when I was little, I saw a man beating them as they entered his apartment to get some help without permission.Can anything be more cruel?

It’s a good thing that people’s idea about them is changing day by day.They are now getting financial help and other basic rights.But though even today when people see any of them they begin to whisper.I hope that these pictures will change soon.We should come forward and help them.


I am a Muslim,not ‘THE MUSLIM’

I am writing this blog with a broken heart.The Orlando Incident is very shameful .Before that The Paris Incident was also very heartbreaking.But is this right to judge the whole Muslim nation by these incidents? Wherever we go,people narrow their eyes at us as we are Muslims.One of my friend changed her school and in her new school,she had to face the question for a several times that ‘You are a Muslim?’Every nation has some bad and some good people.So why this difference?

Muslims are blamed every time a terrorist attack is carried out anywhere around the world. Ever since the 9/11 attacks on American soil, the meaning of terrorism has been directly associated with Muslims and Islam.

Following the Paris attacks of November 13 and the San Bernardino shooting in California, bigotry, hatred, discrimination and violence against Muslims has risen to a dangerous level.

However, according to the FBI, there have been more acts of terrorism on American soil perpetrated by Latinos and Jews than by Muslims.

Moreover, Europe has suffered over 1,000 terrorist attacks in the last five years, in which less than 2 percent of the criminals have been Muslims, according to the Huffington Post.

Blaming Islam – an entire religion – for acts of criminals drives a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims, increasing hatred and violence.

 It’s very sad to hear that ‘Is he the Muslim?’from some horrified voices.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE:Is it a mystery?

Bermuda triangle is an interesting and discussed subject all over the world. It’s also known as devil’s triangle. Many say that it doesn’t exist. Even it’s not recognized by US Board in Geographic Names and also it’s not mentioned in the world’s most dangerous places or waters for shipping and sailing. But though many ships and boats disappeared here and no traces were found. Some say that documented evidences of disappeared ships are mostly fake.But the ships that were lost there truly, where are they.It’s a big question,but no one can’t answer this correctly.

Bermuda triangle is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The first written boundaries of this triangle, where this triangle’s three vertices are in Miami, Florida and Peninsula. Some writers give different boundaries of this which varies from 1,300,000 to 3,900,000.So,the determination of which accidents have occurred inside there depends on which writer has reported that.This route is known as  heavily busy lanes of travelling. Many ships travel through this lanes to go to Europe,America.But the misery doesn’t happen every day.

This triangle isn’t even mentioned in any maps drawn by the US Board. Many personalities think that it’s neither disproportionate nor mysterious. They take it lightly because the number of the ships that has passed this place is more than the number of the ships that has lost.

Some have claimed that magnetic anomalies may exist there though they couldn’t find any. Many don’t believe these things. In one incident, a ship was lost, and then they searched. No one but the captain was found in his cabin clutching a coffee mug.But the other passengers were vanished.

In this area compass can’t identify the true north. It’s said that the Gulf storm, the warm ocean flowing from the Gulf of Mexico and The Florida Straits northeastward is extremely swift and turbulent which can easily erase the evidence of disasters. The unpredictable Caribbean-Atlantic storms that give birth to waves of  a great size as well as waterspouts often spells disasters for pilots and mariners as the area is in hurricane alley.

Everything that happens in this world has a cause behind it.Bermuda triangle isn’t also exceptional.