Eyes are one of the most beautiful gifts of God by which we can see the magnificent beauties and lights of the world .But we have the option to keep our eyes closed as we have eyelids.It’s on us if we want to open our eyes or not.But will anyone want to keep his eyes closed when he has the opportunity to  see the beauty of the world,the beauty of the light?Though if he keep his eyes closed he will begin to lose his strength as darkness lowers our confident level.Lights can only be seen if the eyes are open.Like this we also have eyes of our mind.We are so conscious of the beautiful eyes we have outside which is made this beautiful by God.But The eyes which we can be made beautiful by ourselves, we are not concerned about it.We don’t try to open it and become weak deep inside as a human being.These eyes are the eyes of our soul.And when we don’t think about it our soul slowly dies.We become educated,take degrees but our soul lies in darkness.This blindfold that we tie ourselves is  the blindfold of a nation,of the world.I wish that all of us will untie this blindfold and try to see this world not only with the eyes we have outside but also the eyes we have inside.


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