“How are you?”

“I’m well.”

This is the common answer of this question.Yes,it’s good to live happily in every situation,find sweetness from every bitterness.Some people don’t express their emotions in front of nobody,in no situation.We can’t express our sorrows in front of every people,we should not try to get sympathy all the time,it’s true.But at the same time it’s also true that we are human beings,we have hearts and it is hurt sometimes and there’s nothing bad in that.So why hiding it every single time?It’s good to be strong but expressing our sorrows in front of not a single person make us weak deep inside.Which one is good?Being strong in front of people and being weak inside ourselves or being a strong person inside and outside?Strong doesn’t mean to hide our sad faces behind our happy faces for every incident.If people can hurt us then we can also show that we are hurt.Why pretending all the time?If we don’t express how we are hurt then how will people understand it?How will they stop hurting us?How will they treat us as a normal human being with emotions?Sometimes we are hurt and we forgive again and again and they forget that she has a limit to take.There are so many sad faces behind happy faces around us,that sadness can be created by us,we fail to recognize that.Let us feel,let us know,we should feel,we should know.That will make not one but us strong.We can be bold with our emotions,by showing it to not everyone but the right person and gaining the right importance that we deserve.We can be strong not with our happy sad faces but our happy and sad faces.



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