Every people has dreams.Actually people like to have dreams.But it’s something that doesn’t exist in real.Sometimes reality is fully opposite of our dreams.But I think dream is the thing that has created the reality.Our modern world was once people’s dream.But now it’s the reality.If there wasn’t any dream,there wouldn’t be any reality.People have different kinds of dreams in their sleep and when they wake up they think it’s over.But I think waking up from sleep is not the end of our dreams rather it’s the start of our dreams.Some people tell me that stop dreaming,work on your reality.But if I don’t dream how will I portray my reality?I really believe what Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.You can apply your knowledge best if your imagination or dream is  unique.So I think reality is not the only fact of life,dreams are also a huge fact without what we won’t be able to understand our motives properly.


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