When I was little,I was afraid of some kind of people who look like men,but from dress up to activities,they are like women.My fear was not because they were not like people I’m surrounded with but what people say about them.I thought all that I’m hearing about them is true but I was a little fellow then who was not able to understand anything herself.Now I’m ashamed of those talks that I heard,those pictures that I saw.

Third gender or third sex is a concept in which individuals are categorized, either by themselves or by society, as neither man nor woman. It also describes a social category present in those societies that recognize three or more genders.

They are born like that.It’s not like they do it willingly.They are also human beings.They do not harm us,it’s the society that harms them,which doesn’t let them to live a normal life like a normal person lives.Even their parents neglect them as their children so that they don’t lose their so called reputation in the society.They don’t get any friend or any help,they are themselves their friend.What they get are only hatred and laugh and narrow eyes from people.

Their biological concept is not like other people. I’ve seen people laughing at them.Even when I was little, I saw a man beating them as they entered his apartment to get some help without permission.Can anything be more cruel?

It’s a good thing that people’s idea about them is changing day by day.They are now getting financial help and other basic rights.But though even today when people see any of them they begin to whisper.I hope that these pictures will change soon.We should come forward and help them.



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