Bermuda triangle is an interesting and discussed subject all over the world. It’s also known as devil’s triangle. Many say that it doesn’t exist. Even it’s not recognized by US Board in Geographic Names and also it’s not mentioned in the world’s most dangerous places or waters for shipping and sailing. But though many ships and boats disappeared here and no traces were found. Some say that documented evidences of disappeared ships are mostly fake.But the ships that were lost there truly, where are they.It’s a big question,but no one can’t answer this correctly.

Bermuda triangle is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The first written boundaries of this triangle, where this triangle’s three vertices are in Miami, Florida and Peninsula. Some writers give different boundaries of this which varies from 1,300,000 to 3,900,000.So,the determination of which accidents have occurred inside there depends on which writer has reported that.This route is known as  heavily busy lanes of travelling. Many ships travel through this lanes to go to Europe,America.But the misery doesn’t happen every day.

This triangle isn’t even mentioned in any maps drawn by the US Board. Many personalities think that it’s neither disproportionate nor mysterious. They take it lightly because the number of the ships that has passed this place is more than the number of the ships that has lost.

Some have claimed that magnetic anomalies may exist there though they couldn’t find any. Many don’t believe these things. In one incident, a ship was lost, and then they searched. No one but the captain was found in his cabin clutching a coffee mug.But the other passengers were vanished.

In this area compass can’t identify the true north. It’s said that the Gulf storm, the warm ocean flowing from the Gulf of Mexico and The Florida Straits northeastward is extremely swift and turbulent which can easily erase the evidence of disasters. The unpredictable Caribbean-Atlantic storms that give birth to waves of  a great size as well as waterspouts often spells disasters for pilots and mariners as the area is in hurricane alley.

Everything that happens in this world has a cause behind it.Bermuda triangle isn’t also exceptional.


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