Every person is a very little piece of this huge world,little but important.Our parents give birth to us,take care of us,but our life is ours.We have to deal with it.Is it a right decision to give up our lives?Suicide can never be a right decision.We cannot give up our lives for any other person.There are many persons who love us for years,who sacrifice many things for us.Can a person be more ungrateful?Many girls of my age commit suicide for not having a successful relationship and for not getting any attention from persons they love.Are our lives so light to commit suicide for such a lame reason?Many students commit suicide for not getting a good result.They think it will hurt their dear ones.How immature they are!It’s simple that nothing can be more important than their lives to their dear ones.We know that life is not a bed of roses,but we cannot admit it.If we are in the middle of many problems,we can make our lives beautiful in our ways in that situation also if we want.It’s up to us how we think happiness can be.We have to make our lives beautiful.The people who commit suicide get that access to go to that level where they fail to get or do something.Aren’t there many people who don’t even get that access?So should we have any doubt about the biggest failure?


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